Before I started Speech and Drama, I had problems in public speaking and acting like being afraid of the audience and rushing in speeches and getting butterflies. All of this has improved. I now only get slight butterflies.

Theory in phonetics is great. It helps you to understand pronunciation and if everyone knew phonetics we could all pronounce well, and so we would not have to repeat it over and over again. I have learnt to speak louder and clearer. It is also good for your memorizing skills.

I think we should all do Speech and Drama; it is very beneficial.

From junior students

Recently I did the Valedictory Speech at school and speeches at Rotary and other evenings. Until this year, I didn’t realize the importance of being able to speak well. Mrs Brimblecombe has given me the power of a voice and speech. When I speak I get so many comments; complete strangers congratulate me. When I hear this I feel deeply indebted.

From a senior student

I thank Lois for all her effort, time and input. I am thrilled with my daughter’s efforts and realize that a good deal of it would come from Lois’s guidance and inspiration.

From a parent

Lois has displayed an impressive attitude toward her teaching, quadrupling the number of students wishing to study Speech and Drama. Her attention to detail is apparent in the success of her students, as a director of musicals and plays and as an organiser in Eisteddfoddau.

From a teacher

Lois applies herself to teaching Drama with a dedication rarely seen today; she is teacher, director, props manager and costume manager all rolled into one. Her productions are outstanding, her demeanour always unflappable. Her relationship with parents is outstanding; with children caring, sensitive and loving.

From a principal